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By Jim Morrill


April 06, 2018 12:51 PM

Updated April 07, 2018 06:27 PM

Until this week, the Democratic primary in the 9th Congressional District had been a low-key affair, lacking the blistering fireworks of the Republican contest.

That ended with a flurry of unusually personal attacks by one candidate.

Christian Cano took aim at rival Dan McCready when the two met at a Thursday night forum sponsored by the Black Political Caucus.

Cano called McCready "privileged and elitist" and accused the former Marine combat veteran of "cowardice" for not speaking up on issues.

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Ninth Congressional district candidate Christian Cano added to the tension with his opponent Dan McCready on Thursday, April 5, 2018 when he restated his earlier statements attacking McCready following the Charlottesville, Va. tragedy. Jeff Siner

Jeff Siner

"I expected lies and attacks in the Republican primary and the general election," McCready responded. "I did not expect it from a fellow Democrat. The problem in our country today is folks like yourself, Mr. Cano, who are dividing our country."

Replied Cano: "I consider him a Republican, so I don't consider it running against another Democrat."

The exchange came as the Democrats vie for the seat held by Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger in the district that stretches from southeast Charlotte to Fayetteville.

The 9th is one of at least two Republican-held districts in North Carolina that Democrats believe they can flip. On Friday, the Cook Political Report became the latest ratings agency to label the district as leaning, not "likely Republican," a move in Democrats' favor. Nationally Democrats need to net 24 seats to win a House majority.

Both Pittenger and primary opponent Mark Harris, a former Charlotte pastor who lost the 2016 primary by 134 votes, have traded attacks in TV ads, with both accusing the other of lying. Clarence Goins of Cumberland County also is in the race.

The heated GOP primary has virtually obscured the contest between the two Charlotte Democrats.

The 34-year-old McCready, who co-owns a solar energy business, has attracted national attention for his fundraising and a resume that has drawn comparisons to that of Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb, a former Marine who last month won a special election in a heavily Republican district.


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This is our recreation of the super hearty spiced lentil soup from BOL. Our good friends at BOL have made the bold decision to go completely plant-based and this is one of the dishes from their delicious range of products.

It’s not quite summer yet, and we love a warming soup on a chilly, rainy day. It’s perfect for making in batch and enjoying throughout the week.

The red lentils in this dish give the soup a creamy texture and the spices work perfectly together to give it a kick on a cold day. This protein packed soup is ideal for a pre or post workout meal and the kale gives it an added protein punch, whilst also getting your greens in for the day.

We love this recipe with a side of freshly baked bread, but enjoy however you want! This soup is..



Flu fighting

100% plant based and vegan

We hope you enjoy this recipe! Next time you’re out on your lunch break and looking for something to eat, keep your eyes peeled for the wide range of amazing plant-based food from BOL.


Heat the vegetable oil in the pan.

Finely chop thewhite onion and add to the pan. Sauté until it begins to go translucent.

Add the spices (ground cardamom, black pepper, smoked paprika, crushed chilli flakes) and tomato puree and cook for a few minutes to bring out the aromas.

Add finely chopped carrots and vegetable stock. Cook gently for about 10 minutes to soften.

Add the lentils and stir through.

Add the cornflour and water mixture.

Bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer for about 30 minutes or until the lentils are cooked.

Add the sumac, lime juice and salt. Stir in kale and cook until just soft (about 3 minutes).

Add chilli flakes to garnish (optional) and enjoy with freshly baked bread.

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A group of enthusiasts at Bletchley Park, the top secret wartime codebreaking base, have rebuilt a primitive computing device used in the Second World War to help the Allies listen in on U-boat conversations. It was called 'the Bombe'. Professor Nigel Smart , Head of nike roshe run marble black and white background
and an expert on cryptography tells us more.

The Bombe didn't help win the war destructively like its explosive name-sakes but using intelligence. It was designed to find the passwords or 'keys' into the secret codes of 'Enigma': the famous encryption machine used both by the German army in the field and to communicate to U-Boats in the Atlantic. It effectively allowed the English to listen in to the German's secret communications.

A Bombe is an electro-mechanical special purpose computing device. 'Electro-mechanical' because it works using both mechanics and electricity. It works by passing electricity through a circuit. The precise circuit that is used is modified mechanically on each step of the machine by drums that rotate. It used a set of rotating drums to mirror the way the Enigma machine used a set of discs which rotated when each letter was encrypted. The Bombe is a 'special purpose' computing device rather than a 'general purpose' computer because it can't be used to solve any other problem than the one it was designed for.

There are many explanations of why it's called a 'Bombe'. The most popular is that it is named after an earlier, but unrelated, machine built by the Polish to help break Enigma called the Bomba. The Bomba was also an electro-mechanical machine and was called that because as it ran it made a ticking sound, rather like a clock-based fuse on an exploding bomb.

The Enigma machine used a different main key, or password, every day. It was then altered slightly for each message by a small indicator sent at the beginning of each message. The goal of the codebreakers at Bletchley Park each day was to find the German key for that day. Once this was found it was easy to then decrypt all the day's messages. The Bombe's task was to find this day key. It was introduced when the procedures used by the Germans to operate the Enigma changed. This had meant that the existing techniques used by the Allies to break the Enigma codes could no longer be used. They could no longer crack the German codes fast enough by humans alone.

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